Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Marrietta High School's David Dubose is named a top finalist for 2014 Georgia Teacher of the Year

Marietta High School’s David DuBose said it was hard to put into words how excited he was to be named a finalist for the 2014 Georgia Teacher of the Year honor.

“It’s really overwhelming,” DuBose said Monday. “I have worked with so many people, and to be able to represent them with the system and now to be considered for the Top 10 in the state, it’s very humbling.”

The Georgia Department of Education announced Monday that DuBose was one of 10 public-school teachers selected from the 155 applications submitted for the annual state recognition.

“(Marietta Principal Leigh Colburn) walked into my office as I was getting ready for my last class of the day and told me,” he said.

DuBose, a graduate of Auburn University, joined the Blue Devil staff in 2006 from a Birmingham, Ala.-area high school.

He serves as the arts chairman for the city school district. He also serves on the committee that oversees the construction on the high school performing arts auditorium, which is scheduled for completion in late July.

DuBose will participate in a series of interviews with the state level committee members who oversee the annual honor in April. He should know the results around May 3.

At the April luncheon, DuBose will talk about his teaching philosophy, best practices for educators and how he works with his students.

“We do carry a heavy load in the arts, especially in band, because our classes are 75-plus students, but this validates to them the importance of the arts and that they aren’t being ignored,” DuBose said.

Colburn, who hired DuBose, said she was not surprised by his being named a finalist.

“I’m elated that they sorted through their applicants and that David rose to the top as we think he should have,” she said Monday. “I would be sorrowful if he hadn’t been, because I think he’s a wonderful teacher.”

Colburn also said she relies strongly on DuBose’s advice, judgment and vision for the school’s arts programs.

“He is an integral part of our leadership team,” she said.

“I find him to give very wise counsel, he’s very decisive and exercises great judgment.”

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