Thursday, May 24, 2012

Honda CR-Z and Fit Hit 'Best Value' List

The USAA is a premier financial organization founded by members of the U.S. military, for veterans and members of the U.S. military, and a chief goal is helping service personnel and their families make knowledgeable decisions about money matters. Naturally, this includes providing advice about the decision to purchase a new vehicle, via the USAA’s annual “Best Value” list—which this year includes the Honda CR-Z.According to the USAA: “New to the Best Value list, the Honda CR–Z hybrid is an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Top Safety Pick. The vehicle also possesses good fuel economy within its category … and reasonable maintenance costs.” And note, “its category” was “Coupes,” meaning that the CR-Z had to best the nation’s top traditionally powered two-doors to earn its recognition.
“The CR-Z creates a whole new value category as the first true sport hybrid, offering great fuel economy, a low entry price, an available six-speed manual transmission and a feisty change of character with the push of the Sport button,” said Mike Accavitti, vice president of National Marketing Operations for American Honda. “It’s like having two cars for the price of one.”
In addition, the USAA also created a new listing of vehicles that are particularly strong choices for younger drivers, and not only did the CR-Z make this list, too, but so did the Honda Civic and Honda Fit.
“As a parent, I know how challenging it can be to feel confident in the car your teen drives, especially if it’s a much older model,” said USAA auto expert Lauren Fix—aka, the Car Coach. “USAA’s Top 10 for Teens list gives parents a place to start their search for a new vehicle that gets top marks in the areas they care most about—reliability, safety and reasonable insurance costs.”